workouts of the day

Every day you can find here a new workout of the day according to our Head Coach’s plan. Every workout can be scaled to any level, from beginner to advanced athlete. We want you to have fun, get better every day while staying safe.


specialty classes

BARBELL CLUB: Focus of this class is the technique of the olympic lifts: snatch and clean & jerk. Time is also spent on accessory work to make you stronger!

GYMNASTICS: Handstands, muscle ups, pull ups, ring dips, push ups and more... we take care of all this and the strength you need to improve these movements, from beginner to advanced levels, this class will fit all your needs. 

ENDURANCE: Running, rowing and kettlebells are the main part of this class. We work on technique and efficiency to keep the intensity high in longer workouts and shorten your recovery time.

STRONGMAN: during this class we focus our efforts on lifting odd objects: sandbags, tractor tires, farmer's carry handles, stones and more... We first focus on the techniques together and then show you that you are much stronger than you think!

MOBILITY: there's no such thing as being too flexible. Work on mobility with ROMWOD to improve your movement quality and efficiency.




We offer one-on-one sessions to allow our customers to work more intensively and personally on their goals, to address very specific needs or to work on their weaknesses and improve their performance in a private atmosphere with one of our coaches.



We are proud to offer you workshops and seminars, organized internally or externally, thanks to our partnerships with professionals of the sport and fitness industry.

Stay tuned to see what is coming!



It's one of our pillars, without a strong community there is no CrossFit.

ANIMARUM TIME: A regular meeting outside the gym to have a chat about everything and nothing or have fun together doing something different, learning a new sport...

REFERRALS:  the more people the more fun! That's why we want to reward you. Every Saturday we invite you to bring a friend to the Team WOD, your friend trains for free and if he/she signs up for a yearly membership, giving your name as referrer, you'll get a discount as long as he/she has an active membership!





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